DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful” and “Time of Our Life” experience reverse run on charts

Apr 18, 2024, 11:00 am

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Band DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful” and “Time of Our Life” are experiencing a reverse run on the charts!

According to MelOn, the largest music streaming site in Korea, “You Were Beautiful” entered Top 100 chart on April 14, and even rose up to 7th spot on Wednesday, breaking its own highest ranking. “Time of Our Life” entered Top 100 chart on Tuesday and maintained its spot on Wednesday. JYP Entertainment said, “This is an achievement after experiencing a reverse run.”

“You Were Beautiful” was released in February 2017 as the title of the band’s February single for their yearlong “EveryDAY6” project. “Time of Our Life” is the title track of the band’s 5th mini album “The Book of Us: Gravity” released in July 2019. Both songs are written and composed by DAY6 members. 

DAY6 recently held an exclusive concert “Welcome to the Show” in Seoul, attracting 34,000 fans. The band will perform at the 16th Seoul Jazz Festival 2024, which will be held starting May 10. 

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