The Symbol of the Covenant for Human Salvation ‘Noah’s Ark‘ Comes to South Korea – Johan Huibers Expresses ’Desire for Peace on the Korean Peninsula‘

Oct 23, 2023, 07:33 pm

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"Noah's Ark Directly Constructed by 'Johan Huibers,' a Graceful Testimony at the Holyseeds Church"
Johan Huibers, who personally constructed Noah's Ark, attended the Sunday worship service at Holyseeds Church in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, on the 15th, offering a testimonial of grace. Johan Huibers (center) is seen taking a commemorative photo with Dae Cheon Seo, the head pastor of Holyseeds Church, and Chairman Doo-Ho Park, alongside other church congregants. / Photo: Holyseeds Church

The modern version of the covenant symbol for human salvation, 'Noah's Ark,' is coming to South Korea.

Johan Huibers, a Dutch entrepreneur, has generously donated the life-sized replica of Noah's Ark, faithfully reproducing the materials and dimensions as described in the Book of Genesis.

After six years of construction, the world-famous Noah's Ark, an exact replica in size as mentioned in the Bible, will be permanently docked in South Korea. This remarkable endeavor has captured global attention, not only as a physical marvel but also as a symbol of hope for peace on the Korean Peninsula, the world's last remaining divided nation.

In Genesis 6:13-14, God instructs Noah: "Make yourself an ark of gopher wood. Make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch."

Johan Huibers, the creator of Noah's Ark, attended the Sunday worship service at Holyseeds Church (led by Head Pastor Dae Cheon Seo) in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, on the 15th, where he shared a testimonial of grace.
Mr. Johan Huibers has spent six years, starting from 2008, faithfully recreating the life-sized Noah's Ark, mirroring the exact dimensions and appearance as described in the Bible. / Photo: Chairman Doo-Ho Park

On this day, Johan Huibers expressed his gratitude, saying, "I would like to thank Pastor Dae Cheon Seo and Chairman Doo-Ho Park for inviting me to Holyseeds Church today. I have received tremendous blessings, especially through the vibrant worship and praise of the young congregation at Holyseeds Church. It was an incredibly moving experience, unlike anything I have ever encountered in my life."

Johan Huibers continued to share a profound aspect of his personal journey, saying, "At the age of 24, I made a commitment to dedicate my entire life to God, who told me to read the Bible." He recounted, "Even opening the Bible was a challenge for me at that time, but God urged me to continue reading the Bible for an hour each day."

He went on to describe a transformative moment, stating, "After three weeks, I had an astonishing experience. I found myself on my knees before God, shedding tears of repentance. From that very moment, God allowed me to behold a treasure. Just as Pastor Dae Cheon Seo mentioned in his sermon, I began to feel the eternal love of Jesus Christ from that moment onwards."

Furthermore, he explained, "I wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ, in whom I believe, with people all around the world. I made a commitment to build a modern version of 'Noah's Ark.' Even though I didn't have the money to build Noah's Ark in its full size, I decided to start with a smaller one. There were no precise guides or blueprints, but God, day by day, moment by moment, showed me how to build Noah's Ark through people, even when I had nothing."

Johan Huibers continued, "People from all over the world began to visit to see the completed Noah's Ark. Various media outlets from around the world came to cover the story. Over 300,000 people visited, but that was not the end of it. I wanted to use Noah's Ark to share the story of God who worked throughout history."

In his extraordinary journey, Johan Huibers found inspiration in his faith and a profound sense of purpose in spreading the message of God's love to people worldwide through his remarkable creation, the modern Noah's Ark.
On the 15th, Johan Huibers, who personally constructed Noah's Ark, attended the Sunday worship service at Holyseeds Church in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, offering a testimony of grace. In the photo, from right to left: Head Pastor Dae Cheon Seo of Holyseeds Church, Johan Huibers, and Lauren Yehwa Seo, a student from SDC Academy, are seen taking a commemorative photo. / Photo: Holyseeds Church

He continued, saying, "Now, I want to share an incredible story of how God's plan unfolds. One night, my wife and I were sitting on the couch when I received a phone call at 10 PM. The caller was Chairman Doo-Ho Park, who is in Amsterdam." Johan Huibers explained, "Chairman Park expressed a desire to meet me the next day in Amsterdam, asking if I could come. So, the next morning, I immediately took a train to Amsterdam. When I met Chairman Park the following day, I realized that I already knew him from before."

Johan Huibers stated, "When Chairman Park inquired if I still had plans to move Noah's Ark, my answer was an unequivocal 'yes.' Eventually, it was due to Pastor Dae Cheon Seo’s dedication and Chairman Doo-Ho Park’s heartfelt request that I decided to donate Noah's Ark to South Korea."

On that day, Pastor Dae Cheon Seo prayed, saying, "Lord! As Johan Huibers visits South Korea, be with him every day. Let him seek only Jesus, love only Jesus, and bear witness only to Jesus. May he experience even more of Your amazing grace and love, and may he continue to testify to our mighty Lord throughout his life."

The Noah's Ark is 125 meters long, 29 meters wide, and 26 meters high, with a total area of approximately 16,528 square meters, equivalent to about 5,000 pyeong.

The Noah's Ark, now permanently stationed in South Korea, is expected to transform into an exhibition and experiential space within a theme and cultural park, spreading hope and peace as a messenger to the Korean Peninsula, following discussions with local authorities.
After sharing a testimonial of grace during the Sunday worship service at Holyseeds Church in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, on the 15th, Johan Huibers, who personally constructed Noah's Ark, received blessings from the congregants. / Photo: Holyseeds Church

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