Tarasoft seeks to enter Southeast Asian e-finance market with “TQ Pay”

May 24, 2023, 09:48 am

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Images of TQ pay and Raon forex/ Source: Tarasoft

Tarasoft seeks to enter the Southeast Asian market as it will introduce the “TARA Top 10 ecosystem” service, such as TQ Pay platform, at the invitation of buyers from six Southeast Asian countries.

Tarasoft CEO Ahn Chae-myung held consultations during his visit to Southeast Asia last month to provide a system using its blockchain technology.

In Southeast Asia, there is a long distance between regions to conduct financial transactions at banks, and there are not many bank service networks. Since its people have low confidence in finance, most of the region’s transactions are in cash.

However, as the number of smartphone users is increasing to the world’s highest level and businesses using apps are expanding, Tarasoft has declared to enter the e-finance market.

Tarasoft will launch the TQ Pay app through collaboration with Southeast Asian firms and support them for use throughout Southeast Asia. In particular, it plans to provide technology support and establish a strong security system.

“We plan to establish branches in Southeast Asian countries to nurture IT engineers and optimize services,” CEO Ahn said. 

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