Sung Hoon, Park Na-rae to take strong legal action against malicious rumors

May 16, 2023, 08:33 am

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Actor Sung Hoon and comedian Park Na-rae said they will take strong legal action against malicious rumors of sexual nature involving them. 

On May 15, Sung Hoon’s agency Stallion Entertainment and Park Na-rae’s agency JCD Entertainment said, “The malicious rumors regarding Sung Hoon and Park Na-rae, that are circulating mainly online communities, social media, messenger, and more, are not true.”

“We judged that we can no longer tolerate this current situation that defames the reputation of our agency artists and causes suffering to not only them, but also their acquaintances. So we decided to take strong legal action against those who spread false information in order to protect our agency artists,” they said. “We will use all means to take legal action with regards to all acts, such as the first person to write and spread the malicious rumor, and the repeated spread of false information as if it were true, and there will be no settlements or agreements regarding this.”

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