Tarasoft to launch free coin making system

Apr 11, 2023, 06:51 pm

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Tarasoft will launch a service to issue coins and wallets for free through its blockchain search page “Tara Scan” starting April, the company said Tuesday.

The service reflects Tarasoft’s willingness to change the public’s critical view of coins and create a foundation for everyone to enjoy blockchain culture through the free issuance of coins.

You can easily issue a free coin in a short period of time. First, you need to access the Tarasoft blockchan search page, then press the “Issue Coin” button, and add an image and detailed description of the coin symbol you want. Then the coin would be issued into your wallet.

In the process of issuing coins, a small amount of fee which is as low as ATM withdrawal fee will be charged. The fee will be also distributed through ‘Tara Coin Air Drop’ for free. In addition, coin owners can list their created coins on the Tarasoft Global Exchange RAON Forex for free.

“We will provide more services to become a company that is familiar with its customers with the technology and knowhow of software development of 28 years, and will become a leader in realizing digital life,” the company said. 

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