Tarasoft to hold metaverse idol audition

Apr 05, 2023, 02:39 pm

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Tarasoft will hold an audition to launch the first metaverse idol in Korea, named “Taraverse”.

“Taraverse” is a metaverse idol who will perform in virtual spaces such as the Tara NFT market platform and TARA Metaverse. 

At the end of last year, Tarasoft signed an agreement with art director Lee Haein to make some 400 creative songs into NFT works on the Tara NFT platform. The metaverse idol development is a follow-up project.

Applicants who want to participate in the audition can download the application form and send it to the company via email with their profile and PPT file by the end of April. The audition is open to those aged 13 to 23, regardless of nationality and gender. Through documentation review, chosen applicants will be notified individually on May 8. 

“We plan to actively discover talented entertainers who can show off their talents in the virtual space “TARA Metaverse” annually and support them to achieve their dreams,” an official from Tarasoft said. 

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