Hybe Labels Japan’s first boy band “&TEAM” drops 2nd concept photos

Nov 14, 2022, 08:52 am

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Hybe’s first Japanese group “&TEAM” has additionally revealed the concept visuals of the debut album.

On November 12, Hybe Labels Japan’s “&TEAM” revealed photos and video clips for “Juvenile”, the second concept for their upcoming debut album “First Howling : ME” on the official social media account.

While the first concept “Isolated” version depicted boys of an isolated world, the second concept entitled “Juvenile” shows shaking emotions of the boys with expectations and worries toward the world. 

In the first photo, the freshness of the members is maximized as the greenery of nature and the youthful beauty of the boys encounter in the thick foggy forest. The nine boys are gathered laying on their backs, showing their unity as a group.

The photos show the nine boys embarking on the first trip with expectations and worries by sporting grunge look with torn blue jeans, hoodies and checkered shirts.

&TEAM will make their debut in Japan on December 7 with “First Howling : Me”.

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