BTS’s RM makes donation to preserve Korean cultural assets overseas

Sep 16, 2022, 09:04 am

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BTS leader RM has donated 100 million won to preserve and restore Korean cultural assets overseas for the second consecutive year. 

On September 15, the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation said the singer, whose real Korean name is Kim Nam-joon, has recently donated the money, asking that it be used to preserve, restore and utilize Korean cultural assets abroad. 

The money will be used to make an art brochure introducing Korean paintings that are kept at art museums in other countries, according to the foundation, adding that RM wanted to let the world know about the beauty of the paintings. 

RM made his first donation of 100 million won last year, but his donation was not made public back then. The foundation revealed Thursday that the donation was used to preserve a “hwarot” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). A hwarot is an embroidered bridal costume by royal women during the Joseon Dynasy. The hwarot at the LACMA is believed to be made in the early 20th century. An unknown art collector donated the robe to he museum in 1939. It holds great value as a cultural asset considering its fair condition. It will be sent to Korea later this month.

“It will be displayed to the public at the National Palace Museum in Seoul next year following conservation work.” In 2024, it will be exhibited at the LACMA.

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