Kang Daniel apologizes for his comments about “Street Woman Fighter”

Jul 21, 2022, 08:23 am

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Kang Daniel apologized for his controversial remarks related to “Street Woman Fighter.”

On July 20, Kang Daniel took to his Instagram to post an apology about his comment. “I’d like to apologize for the private messages. I am sorry for causing unnecessary misunderstanding by exaggerating how nervous I felt,” he wrote.

“My response in the situation where I was trying to be careful of promoting or heightening gender conflict was imprudent. I’m sorry that all the process hurt my fans who always care about me and worry about me. I will be more careful about my words and actions from now on.”

Previously, through the private messages on the platform UNIVERSE, Kang Daniel was asked about “Street Man Fighter.” He said, “To be honest, I feel really comfortable because they are all men. I’m happy that it’s not energy-draining,” comparing his experience hosting for “Street Woman Fighter.” When some of his fans continued to comment on his statements, he criticized them, saying, “People who objected would be so angry when they attend a standup comedy show. Let’s relax. Life is hard enough already.”

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