Hosting of the “Academic Study Contest” in the Global Era. SDC International School Academy students win the National Assembly Award for their English Presentations.

Jun 17, 2022, 01:25 pm

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The 3rd International Cultural and Academic Study Contest, organized by the Korea International Culture Association (KICA), was held at the All Nations Academy in western Seoul on June 11. (From left) Leeun Kang, Yehwah Seo, Yein Kim, Garyun Lee, and Jinmyeong Kwon, the students of SDC International School Academy, are taking commemorative photos/ Photo = SDC International School Academy

The SDC International School Academy announced Thursday that its five students won the National Assembly Award at the International Culture and Academic Study Contest.

Organized by the Korea International Culture Association (KICA), the 3rd International Cultural and Academic Study Contest was held at the All Nations Academy in western Seoul on June 11. 

For the contest, 12 teams made up of 14 participants from South Korea and China presented their research in the fields of philosophy, literature, religion, culture, and national policy.

All the participants developed and presented their research materials in either English or Korean, not their native language. The students from Yonsei University, Daewon Foreign Language High School, and SDC International School Academy participated to present their English presentations. 

The purpose of the 3rd International Cultural and Academic Study Contest is to develop creativity of students of their own in the era of artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, unlike the past where students were permitted to do well for only what was given to them in the collective education. Through such presentations, students are given an opportunity to learn and make presentations of individual areas of interest with their teachers.  

Also, rather than learning English as language, students are now required to express what they have learned and explored in English. Nowadays, English is just a tool, not an area of study. The focus is that teachers should teach students how to use the tool.

The titles of their presentations were all selected by the students in the area they were interested in. The guiding teacher raised the level of the presentation materials that the students used and helped them complete it. The presentations were all written and presented in English.

Yehwa Seo, a student at the SDC International School Academy, took home the Highest Award presented by lawmaker Rep. Cho Kyung-tae. The SDC International School Academy said other students Jinmyeong Kwon, Yein Kim, Rieun Kang, and Garyun Lee won the Excellence Award, presented by lawmaker Rep. Jeon Hye-sook.

Yehwa Seo, the grand prize winner, made an English presentation entitled, “A Study on the Modern Punishment through Michel Foucault’s ‘Discipline and Punish’.”

The grand prize winner’s study was mainly about the following: a) exploring the abuses of human rights in physical punishment and imprisonment in punishment in Michel Foucault's 'History of Madness' and 'Surveillance and Punishment'; b) suggesting that all the prisons, hospitals, military and schools in the era of utilitarianism were detaining institutions with the same purpose, while more sophisticated punishment was applied in the modern era; and c) suggesting that modern times not only use CCTV, GPA, and AI, but also apply the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’, which applies the psychological aspects of a criminal for surveillance, while giving examples of private companies such as Google, Microsoft and Starlink in monitoring in the Ukrainian war.

“It was difficult dealing with profound learning topics while preparing an academic presentation. But with the self-esteem I learned from the five-star education at the SDC, I was able to take courage making presentation even among eminent students,” Seo said. “With support of the teachers that gave me feedback constantly, I was able to proudly present my study.” 

“I am very happy to receive such a valuable award. I am grateful to the SDC teachers who worked so hard both physically and mentally so that I could receive this valuable award.” “With the power of love that I learned at SDC, I will reach out to the next dying generation, by giving a hand of hope. To get rid of oppression and restraint by spreading the love of the Lord, I will become a global leader,” she said.  

The event was held in a brief space of time, however all the participants drew attention and applause from the audience with their high quality presentations as well as their materials. 

Meanwhile, the SDC International School Academy nurtures the next generation of young people as global leaders. It is known to be nurturing global talents who successfully gain admissions to UC Irvine, UC Davis, Wisconsin-Madison, Illinois-Vana-Champaign, Georgia University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Washington University, Purdue, and State University of New York, Chicago Art University, Lawrence, and more in the fall of 2022.

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