Japan focuses on understanding Trump

Jan 18, 2017, 08:40 am

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A TV program analyzing the personality of US President-elect Donald Trump through his signature hairstyle was aired on Fuji TV on Monday. The image shows a Japanese reporter with Trump's hair./ Screenshot from Fuji TV

By Um Soo-ah, Tokyo correspondent, AsiaToday - Japan is focusing on understanding US President-elect Donald Trump, who is set to take office on Friday.

Japanese media analyzed Trump's personality through his hairstyle, eating habits and more to predict the direction of foreign policy in the upcoming administration.

The January 16th episode of a variety show on Fuji TV covered Trump in detail, under the title, "Is Trump a stubborn man or a prudent man?"

During the show, a Japanese reporter tried Trump's signature hairstyle by himself.

An American hairdresser changed the reporter's hairstyle into the one that Trump has maintained for over 30 years. He said that Trump has heard various opinions to change his hairstyle, but he insisted to keep his hairstyle of covering the top of his head.

The show also looked at Trump's eating habits by visiting his favorite burger restaurant. Trump's favorite burger house chef revealed that Trump always orders well-done cheeseburger and anything else.

The show revealed a picture of Trump using a fork and knife even when eating a small piece of bread, and explained that he uses a knife and fork most of the time. The show pointed out that such things show he is a stubborn person who cares about his own style and doesn't change his choice easily.

On this day, a program entitled "4 Days Ahead of Trump's Presidency" was aired on TBS, where several foreigners living in Japan were invited to reveal their thoughts about Trump.

The foreign participants revealed how they feel about Trump and the U.S.-Japan relationship in the future by using "like" and "dislike" signs.

Mentioning Trump's past remarks, one of them expressed his concern towards the U.S. and the relationship with his country. One foreign participant said that Trump considers Japan as ATM for the U.S..

There was also criticism and concern about Trump's offensive remarks against Muslims, women, and racial minorities.

Such broadcasts seem to indicate Japan's anxiety over the policy consistency of the next U.S. administration despite the efforts of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited New York to meet Donald Trump after winning the presidential elections back in November, and presented Trump with a Japanese golf club to reinforce mutual trust between the two countries. After the meeting, Abe said the two leaders can have "a relationship of trust." However, the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  promised by the Obama administration is still uncertain.

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