Park Yoo-chun shows off cooking skills at fan meeting

Jun 01, 2015, 09:14 am

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Park Yoo-chun transformed into a chef at his fan meeting.

On May 31, C-JeS Entertainment said, "Park Yoo-chun turned into a chef at his fan meeting "2015 Park Yoo-chun Fan Meeting 'Housewarming party : Epi 2'" at Hwajeong Tiger Dome of Korea University on May 30."
The agency explained, "At his birthday party and fan meeting, Park Yoo-chun stood on the stage as a chef from 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator' and showed off his cooking skills and even eating broadcast."

Park Yoo-chun prepared a butter squid dish with ingredients from the refrigerator and also a spicy yet refreshing ramyun dish. Then he heated up the venue with his eating broadcast along with a few lucky fans who were chose to taste the food on the stage.

Park Yoo-chun also thanked his fans for winning a rookie award for his movie "Sea Fog" and had a time to discuss various topics that his fans were curious about. The star also sang his favorite songs with a karaoke machine.

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