Jaipur Foot Foundation visits AsiaToday to discuss ‘Asia friendship exchange’

May 19, 2015, 12:43 am

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D.R Mehta (second on the right), the founder of the Jaipur Foundation, makes a visit to AsiaToday head office in Yeouido, Seoul, on May 18. He takes a photo with president and editor Woo Jong-soon (on the right) and vice chairman Koo Bon-hong (on the left). / Photograph by reporter Lee Byung-hwa (photobolbh@)

AsiaToday Reporter Kim Si-young = As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived to Korea, discussions about 'Asia exchange' in the private sectors of Korea and India has begun in earnest.

D.R. Mehta, the founder and chief patron of the Jaipur Foot Foundation, made a visit to AsiaToday as Prime Minister Modi's entourage on May 18, and met president and editor Woo Jong-soon to discuss the new partnership of international cooperation between Korea and India for the disabled as a part of 'Asia exchange'.

During the talk held at AsiaToday head office in Yeouido, president Woo said, "I think India and Korea come from a single seed," quoting an Indian proverb: 'I am you, you are I, and we come from a single seed.' He said, "Everyone here thinks the same way. I hope this can be a meaningful time for us to work together and help each other."

President Woo said, "I hope AsiaToday could work as a beautiful bridge that contributes to expansion of Korea-India exchange and mutual developments. Korea and India have many things in common, and I believe we could become good partners."

In response, Dr. Mehta said, "Cooperation exchange between Korea and India is very important. Cooperation between the Jaipur Foot Foundation's technology and Korea's IT technology is absolutely necessary."

He continued, "We want to create an IT-based artificial limbs in cooperation with Korea's universities, companies, and foundations. We could provide a prosthetic leg that worth more than $20,000 for only $200 to people around the world."

Dr. Mehta said, "If both Korea and India work together, it would be a big help to the millions of people with disabilities. Let's go together to realize humanitarian ideal."

'Asia exchange' projects in government and private sectors of the two countries will be embarking as well. The 'Korea-India disabled partnership joint declaration' event will be held at Millennium Hotel in Seoul on May 19 in celebration of Korea launch of the Jaipur Foot Foundation.

AsiaToday also promised for active cooperation. AsiaToday has been helping the underprivileged neighbors, which is rarely seen among local newspapers. AsiaToday successfully wrapped up 'The 12th Marathon Tournament to help Children with Cancer' on May 10, and will be holding a swimming competition for people with developmental disabilities on June 13.
Both sides are planning to actively promote Korea-India exchange. AsiaToday plans to dispatch a correspondent in India, while the Jaipur Foot Foundation will expand its exchange cooperation between the two countries through the Jaipur Korea Foundation.

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