CEO 인사말

  • 송인준

    To our readers and all the people in Korea,

    ASIA TODAY is celebrating a new leap forward thanks to your support.

    So far, ASIA TODAY has experienced extremely rapid growth that might be comparable to South Korea's compressed growth and transformation. I used to take courage from painstaking efforts and miraculous achievements of South Korea's modern history, such as the establishment of liberal democracy, industrialization, and democratization. Perhaps, I'm comparing ASIA TODAY's growth with the contemporary history of South Korea that was extremely rapid and harsh, in an effort to give myself more hope and courage.

    Thanks to your support, ASIA TODAY has been gaining attention as one of the fastest growing media in Korea. In 2008, it was selected as No. 1 newspaper with the highest growing rate. In a recent survey, it was chosen as one of readers' top 4 favorite daily newspapers. What's more remarkable is that ASIA TODAY is the only Korean newspaper that supplies news to Baidu, the largest portal in China.

    Celebrating the 18th anniversary of its foundation, ASIATODAY looks back on the period of leaping forward and pledges a new start to become an Asian-centered media that contributes to symbiotic cooperation in all Asian countries. Our primary goal is to let 'the Asia today' be 'the world today'. It won't be easy , but we will continue to make efforts because we are certain of its significance and value.

    Along with all these efforts, we won't forget that the press is the breath of community and social entity. We once again confirm the press is the people's faithful eyes, ears and mouth. We won't lose the attitude of humility and self-reflection.

    Thank you.

  • 우종순

    ASIA TODAY celebrates its 18th anniversary. Since its foundation, it has been pursuing justice, humanism, and peace.

    As a media for the nation and the people, ASIA TODAY has been listening to small voices with respect for common sense. It is also fulfilling its social responsibility for the underprivileged.

    While opening up new horizons in the news with continuous innovation, ASIA TODAY is concentrating on exploring various contents and creating new values in a rapidly changing digital media environment. It is also leading the changes in the Korean media through news that fit to its readers.

    ASIA TODAY is the first comprehensive daily newspaper in the world to transform into a mobile newspaper which is becoming a global trend. ASIA TODAY's mobile newspaper system is regarded as the most innovative system in the Korean media history and it is devoted to establishing itself as a typical example of future media.

    It provides all of its news stories and videos from Korea and the world in newspapers, internet, internet broadcasting, and mobile devices with English and Chinese translation to meet a wider, more global audience.

    The 21st century will unfold history where Asia leads the world. With its goal of being the central press spreading the news of Asia, ASIA TODAY aims to become a medium that contributes to the peace and prosperity of Asia by emphasizing the value of Asia and the Asian community.

    To achieve this goal, ASIA TODAY has increased the number of correspondents and secured expert reporters in every field as well as professional writing staffs, leading the way in discovering dynamic content and rerporting in depth.

    I would like to ask for your continuous support and encouragement.
    Thank you.