Choo Mi-ae says Son Jun-seong received protection from DP, Cheong Wa Dae

Sep 16, 2021, 08:54 am

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Presidential hopefuls of the ruling Democratic Party Lee Nak-yon (left) and Choo Mi-ae head to their seats after completing their one-on-one debate in Seoul on September 1, 2021./ Source: National Assembly pool photo

AsiaToday reporter Lee Wook-jae 

Regarding the resignation of prosecutor Son Jun-sung, then chief of investigative information policy at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office who was pointed as a key figure in former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl’s alleged power abuse scandal, former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae revealed that there were people within the ruling Democratic Party and Cheong Wa Dae who protected the prosecutor, causing another big stir in the political circle.

In this regard, the Cheong Wa Dae took a cautious attitude, saying, “It is not something to respond.” However, there are various interpretations in the political community.

“The party eventually lost the (prosecutorial) reform, suffered crushing defeat, and complained that the minister raised (ex-prosecutor chief Yoon Seok-youl) by requesting disciplinary action, unaware of the coup d’état of the prosecution,” Choo wrote on her social media on Wednesday. “The representative who had suggested his dismissal is now trying to frame the issue by fixing the blame on someone else.”

This was Choo’s direct attack on former DP chairman Rep. Lee Nak-yon, who blamed her during a TV debate Tuesday for appointing prosecutor Son to such position when she was a minister. During the debate, Choo responded to Lee’s question, saying, “There was lobbying activity on Yoon’s side, and there were people within the party for protection. Cheong Wa Dae also had one.” However, she kept silent about the protecting power of the party and the government, claiming that the power abuse allegations could move toward the prosecution personnel issue and obscure matters.

Some in the political circles believe that it was the remarks made by Choo in the middle of a fierce battle with Rep. Lee amid the party’s primary. They claim that Choo’s remarks were aimed at emphasizing the fact that Son was Yoon’s aide and that Rep. Lee, then the head of the party, created an atmosphere to slow down the prosecutorial reform drive and allowed Son to remain in office.

In particular, some argue that the remarks are intended to inform the DP supporters that Rep. Lee is also responsible for the scandal, ahead of the primary election scheduled on Sept. 25-26.

Some others argue that some from the ruling party and Cheong Wa Dae were actually in favor of ex-prosecutor general Yoon. 

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