Park Joong-hoon caught drunk driving

Mar 29, 2021, 09:02 am

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Actor Park Joong-hoon was caught for driving drunk.

SBS News reported Sunday that the police caught Park at an underground parking lot of an apartment in Gangnam District, Seoul, at around 10:20 pm on Friday. Park’s blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.176 percent, more than twice the amount required to suspend a driver’s license. 

According to the report, police responded to the scene after receiving a call that an unidentified man acting drunk was being uncooperative after driving his car into the parking lot. Police found that the driver was Park Joong-hoon. Park had reportedly drunk alcohol with an acquaintance before calling a designated driver who drove him to the entrance of the acquaintance’s apartment complex. At the entrance, Park reportedly dismissed the driver and drover the car himself to the parking lot. 

In response, Park’s agency Namoo Actors issued an apology for causing concern and said that Park is in deep self-reflection. 

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