Poll finds that 65.4% support compensation for COVID-19-induced losses

Feb 03, 2021, 08:53 am

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AsiaToday reporter Lee Jang-won

Six out of ten South Koreans showed support for the compensation system for damages small businesses and self-employed incurred due to state antivirus measures, according to the most recent AsiaToday poll. Half of people agreed to provide selective aid to the sectors hit hard by the pandemic while nearly forty percent of people opposed it. 

The poll was commissioned by AsiaToday and carried out by R&Search from Jan. 28-29 in celebration of the Lunar New Year. It had a margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points, with a 95 percent confidence level. 

The poll showed that 65.4 percent of respondents were in favor of the damage compensation system, which is strongly pushed by the government and the ruling Democratic Party (DP), with 26.2 percent strongly in favor of it. On the other hand, 26.8 percent of respondents showed opposition, with 11.6 percent showing strong opposition. Among respondents, those in their 50s (70%), women (67.5%), Honam residents (74%), Gyeonggi or Incheon residents (69.3%), self-employed (72.4%), housewives (70%), those engaged in farming, forestry, and fishery (71.7%), the Democratic Party supporters (80.6%), and the Open Democratic Party supporters (86.4%) showed high support while the People Power Party (PPP) supporters showed lower support (53.1%).

More than half of the people (55.4%) were in favor of the selective aid to the sectors hit hard by the COVID-19 in relation to the 4th disaster relief fund, which is currently being discussed in the political circles, with 24.3 percent showing strong support. Those who disagreed stood at 38.4 percent, with 16.3 percent showing strong disapproval. Those in their 20s (61.2%), 30s (57.2%), and 50s (58.2%), women (59.8%), Seoul residents (57.5%), Honam residents (60%), those engaged in farming, forestry, and fishery (67%), business managers (61.8%), specialized freelancers (60%), and office workers (60.1%) showed high support. The supporters of the ruling DP, the Open Democratic Party, and the Justice Party showed high approval as well. 

While the April 7 Seoul and Busan mayoral by-election fever is heating up, 52 percent of respondents gave a negative assessment of Moon’s presidency, with 37 percent giving very negative assessment. On the other hand 42.8 percent gave a positive assessment, with 26.8 percent giving a very positive assessment. In Seoul region, the approval rating for Moon came to 38 percent and the disapproval rating reached 58.9 percent. In Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam region, 58.2 percent gave disapproval rating and 36.1 percent approval rating.

The ruling DP garnered the most support among parties with 33.5 percent, while the main opposition PPP earned 25.6 percent support. 17.9 percent of respondents said they didn’t have any political leaning. In Seoul, 31.7 percent showed support for the ruling party while 25.4 percent showed support for the main opposition party. In Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam region, 28.3 percent of respondents showed support for the PPP while 25.2 percent showed support for the DP. 

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