Zico & CL to feature in Epik High’s new album

Jan 07, 2021, 09:29 am

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Epik High is collaborating with Zico and CL for its new album.

On January 7, Epik High revealed the last teaser video for “Rosario,” the title track of the group’s 10th full-length album ‘Epik High is Here 上 (Part 1)’, on TikTok.

Epik High had hinted in the previous teaser video on Tuesday that two artists would be featuring in “Rosario.” Then the group had revealed in the second teaser video that Zico was one of the collaborating artists. 

Another artist featured in “Rosario” was revealed to be CL. 

'Epik High is Here 上 (Part 1)' will include “Lesson Zero”, “Rosario”, “Based on a True Story”, “Acceptance Speech”, “Leica”, “In Self-Defense”, “True Crime”, “Social Distance 16”, “End of the World”, and “Wish You Were Here”. The album is set to drop on January 18.

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