EVERGLOW’s Yiren and Sihyeon test positive for COVID-19

Dec 02, 2020, 09:54 am

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EVERGLOW members Yiren and Sihyeon tested positive for COVID-19.

On December 1, agency Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement through the group’s official fan cafe, saying, “Yiren recently heard that one of her acquaintances had been confirmed, so she informed health authorities and voluntarily underwent testing. On the evening of December 1, she received notice that she tested positive. The EVERGLOW members, who have been living together with Yiren, also underwent testing. Sihyeon’s test results came out positive, and the other four members’ results were negative.”

“The artists, staff and employees at our agency who have crossed paths or come into contact with have either already underwent testing or are planning to be tested. If there is anything extraordinary as soon as we receive the results, we will take further steps and proceed with additional analysis of their movements. Yiren and Sihyeon, who have tested positive, will follow the instructions of health authorities; and although the remaining members and the staff who came into close contact with them will go into voluntary self-isolation for two weeks.”

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