Former investigator embroiled in Lime scandal destroys evidence and disappears

Oct 28, 2020, 09:25 am

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AsiaToday reporter Lee Min-young

The prosecution has found that former prosecution investigation officer ‘A’, who has been claimed by former Star Mobility chairman Kim Bong-hyun as one of his lobbying targets, destroyed evidence for lobbying activities and disappeared.

According to the judicial circles on Tuesday, the investigation team dedicated to the entertainment and reception of prosecutors under the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office raided A’s office in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Oct. 21, and found that ‘A’ formatted his computer for business use in an attempt to destroy evidence.

‘A’ was confirmed to have instructed an employee to format his computer on Oct. 18 before the prosecution carried out a search-and-seizure operation.

During the search-and-seizure, the prosecution confirmed that A’s computer was formatted and asked the employee about the details of the formatting process.

Former Star Mobility chairman Kim Bong-hyun, a prime suspect in the financial fraud case involving Lime Asset Management, dropped a bombshell in a letter on Oct. 16 that he hosted a drinking party twice for ‘A’ in July last year in a bar in Cheongdam District, southern Seoul, in connection with the Lime incident.

Kim also argued that he had given 50 million won to former Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office chief Yoon Dae-jin through ‘A’ to clear the police’s arrest warrant request for him on alleged embezzlement.

In the statement, Kim said that both ‘A’ and the prosecutor-turned-lawyer, who were entertained, were colleagues. 

‘A’ went into hiding after destroying the evidence. The prosecution is now reportedly trying to locate the whereabouts of ‘A’.

As ‘A’ has destroyed data related to the alleged lobbying activities, the investigation is expected to proceed only after obtaining A’s testimony.

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