Taeyeon shares her feelings during COVID-19 pandemic

Sep 02, 2020, 08:53 am

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Singer Taeyeon opened up about her emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 28, Taeyeon held an Instagram Live broadcast and said, “I’ve started a live broadcast to talk with those who have been diligently practicing social distancing.”

“COVID-19 has gotten so serious that the current social distancing rules have become Level 2.5 distancing. I don’t think they are going to raise it to Level 3, but I honestly think we should consider them the same thing.”

“The situation isn’t getting any better, and there are so many people who are sick. Isn’t this affecting our daily lives? I think we’re beginning to fall apart. So I hope everyone practices social distancing.”

“As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, we have less and less that we can do. Isn’t this really annoying? I’m watching dramas and movies. Sometimes I’m making bracelets and playing with Zero,” she said.

“Honestly, aren’t we all the same? We practice social distancing, we’re bored at home, we can feel lethargic, and we miss being with people. In a world that is already lonely without the COVID-19 pandemic, now we have to socially distance.”

“I’m sad that I can’t meet up with my fans as often,” she said. “People may think that staying at home is nice for me since I’m a homebody, but above all, I’m a singer and I want to sing and perform at concerts. Once I think the pandemic is starting to go away, it just gets worse. It’s true that I’m starting to get exhausted.”

“I think working people, not just me, are feeling a sense of loss and emptiness. I feel like I’ve lost my job now that I can’t perform. I almost started crying now. I’ll be waiting for the day I can meet everyone again,” she added.

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