Girls’ Generation celebrate their 13th anniversary

Aug 06, 2020, 10:10 am

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Girls’ Generation members reunited to celebrate their 13th anniversary since debut.

On August 5, each of the members shared a video of them with their own individual messages to celebrate their 13th anniversary.

Taeyeon said, “It’s Girls’ Generation’s 13th anniversary. Thank you and congratulations to S♡NE who have been with us for such a long time and the members who I love. I’m able to reflect once again on how I’m able to have so many people around me who I can share each and every emotions that I feel in my life. They are so precious and I’m so thankful.”

Yuri wrote, “Thank you to my members and our fans for allowing my youth to shine so brightly under the names of Girls’ Generation and SONE. It’s been only 13 years, so let’s never let go of our hands and continue together for our 20th and 30th anniversary.” 

Sunny wrote, “Girls’ Generation~ Congratulations on our 13th anniversary. Thank you SONE for being with us. Thanks to you, I’m able to walk even the toughest roads with happiness and joy!! Please stay next to us~ Our youth, our overflowing happiness. Everyone’s Girls’ Generation, let’s continue on for a very very long time~!”

Hyoyeon wrote, “I believe there we’ve been always able to get something beyond expectations because of our faith in each other and passion. And because of our SONE’s trust and love. Hehehe. Congratulations on our 13th anniversary!”

Tiffany wrote, “13 summers ago I remember blowing out the candles & thanking god for bringing each & every one of you into my life. No matter how far apart or how long it’s been, it always feels like we’re picking up right where we left off. I am SO grateful for our journey together & especially our sisterhood. Blessed to have such incredible women & SONE to grow stronger & wiser TOGETHER each year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unconditional faith & love you show.”

Seohyun wrote, “Today marks our 13th year since we’ve come together. The brightest moments of my life were my unnies and SONE. Thank you, and I love you so much. Let’s be together forever.”

Sooyoung wrote, “Our 13th summer together. I’m thankful to still have my people who’ll stand by me. Hoping that our first cheers in a long time will comfort those who miss us, I’ll make sure you’ll be glad to have loved Girls’ Generation even next year.”

The members also shared a sweet video message to their SONEs to celebrate the group’s birthday as well as Tiffany’s 31st!

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