Jamie holds back tears while sending a video message to Park Jin-young

Jul 08, 2020, 09:07 am

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Singer Jamie, also known as Park Ji-min, has left a video message to JYP Entertainment head Park Jin-young.

The July 7th episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star” featured Yang Joon-il, Gong Minzy, Ahn Ye-eun, Jamie, and Solji.

During the episode, Jamie revealed that the day or two before her contract ended with JYP Entertainment, the agency’s head Park Jin-young apologized to her. She said, “He told me that he wanted to try a lot of things because I was good at this and good at that, which made him conflicted over what direction to go in. He told me he was sorry that he hadn’t been able to quickly figure that out.”

“I never thought he would think like that,” she said.

Jamie was then encouraged to send a video message to him. She held back teasers as she began to speak. “This is my first time sending a video message to you after moving into a new company. You never pressured me and always told me good things, so now I’ve found the music that I wanted to make. I’m so grateful. Please watch me performing cool and honest music on the stage. I love you,” she said. 

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