Big Hit Entertainment apologizes for Jim Jones sample

Jun 01, 2020, 09:19 am

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Big Hit Entertainment has officially apologized for the Jim Jones sample on BTS rapper Suga’s song “What Do You Think?” and announced that they have removed it from the track.

Jim Jones is the People’s Temple cult leader, who was responsible for the Jonestown Massacre, which resulted in the death of over 900 people. 

Big Hit Entertainment said they were not aware of the source of the sample and its implications. The producer who worked on the song did not know who the speaker was and selected the sample in consideration of the song’s atmosphere without any particular intentions. “The company followed our internal process and proceeded with the process of verifying the appropriateness of the content, but we did not recognize that it was inappropriate sample in the selection and inspection process and included it in the song,” the agency said. “We lacked the understanding of the historical and social situations relating to the sample. We apologize to those who have been hurt or felt uncomfortable by this.”

The agency revealed that they removed the part immediately after checking the problem, and reissued the revised version. “Suga himself is embarrassed and feels deeply responsible for a problem that he did not realize,” the agency added.

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