Lee Jin-hyuk apologizes to Kim Seul-gi and fans for his attitude

May 14, 2020, 10:13 am

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UP10TION’s Lee Jin-hyuk apologized over his arrogant attitude in his live broadcast.

On May 13, Lee Jin-hyuk posted a handwritten apology on his SNS, stating, ”I am sincerely reflecting over the way I acted in my live broadcast. I want to apologize to Kim Seul-gi as well as all the drama staff and fans who may have been hurt by my inconsiderate words and actions.”

“I will engrave what you said in my mind and try hard to not disappoint you again with my actions in the future. I apologize once again.”

Previously, Lee Jin-hyuk left a few comments on a live broadcast held by his co-stars Kim Seul-gi and Moon Ga-young to promote MBC drama “Find Me in Your Memory” on April 30. Kim Seul-gi, who acted in a couple with Lee Jin-hyuk in the show, said to him, “See you later, darling!” Some of Lee Jin-hyuk’s fans left malicious comments against Kim Seul-gi, stirring a controversy. 

In response, Lee Jin-hyuk addressed the matter and said, “Kim Seul-gi apologized to me. She said she hadn’t known she’d say that, that she’d been in the middle of filming, and that she was very sorry. I decided to just let it go.”

A fan commented that it would be tiring for a superstar to pay attention to that kind of thing. He responded, “The reason I’m upset is that fans are fighting among themselves. What are you guys going to do if I take a lead role?” 

Some netizens pointed out that Lee Jin-hyuk had portrayed it as Kim Seul-gi’s fault alone, and criticized his arrogant attitude.

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