“Mr. Trot” releases official statement regarding delay of winner announcement

Mar 13, 2020, 09:57 am

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TV Chosun’s hit audition program “Mr. Trot” has released an official statement regarding the delay in announcing the winner of the program.

On March 13, the production team said, “We previously announced that we would announce the result of the show’s final competition on March 19 at 10 pm through a special broadcast. However, we will do everything possible to announce the results as soon as they have been confirmed for the viewers, who may have waited a long time for the results.”

“The company handling the real-time text voting for “Mr. Trot” is the same company that has handled other various leading audition programs in the country. However, they’ve told us that they didn’t expect this kind of explosive response from viewers. They said they accept full responsibility and will do their best to finish the vote counts as soon as possible.”

“We apologize for not being fully prepared for the explosive voting response, and we apologize to the viewers, who have been anxiously waiting for the results.”

The production team plans to donate all proceeds from text voting to the NGO Good Neighbors.

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