Sunghoon reveals first impression of Kim So-eun

Mar 12, 2020, 09:45 am

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Film “Are You in Love” leading actor Sung Hoon revealed his first impression of co-star Kim So-eun on SBS PowerFM radio show “Kim Young-chul’s PowerFM”.

In the March 12th episode, Sung Hoon and Kim So-eun made their guest appearance.

During the show, Sung Hoon revealed that Kim So-eun looked like a “strict senior” when he first saw her. “She has a lot of acting experience and I’ve seen lots of professional sides of her,” he said.

In response, Kim So-eun said, “When I went to meet him for a script reading session, he came full-bearded. He was dressed comfortably, and I thought he was really natural.”

Meanwhile, “Are You in Love” will premiere on March 25.

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