Simon D turns down fan’s marriage proposal

Feb 11, 2020, 09:45 pm

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Rapper Simon D has left a humorous comment for a fan who asked him to marry her.

On February 11, Simon D shared an image of a social media interaction with a fan from 2013. 

Back in December of 2013, a fan asked Simon D to marry her, writing, “These days it’s the trend to date someone 12 years younger than you,” and he responded, “What is this kid saying?” The fan then promised to return later with a marriage proposal, and the rapper simply answered, “Let’s see how far this goes.”

She kept her promise as she returned 7 years later to tell him, “Oppa, what do you think about slowly getting to the point of marrying me now?” 

Simon D commented, “What is this little kid still saying?” 

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