Jang Dong-min under fire for asking minor Ha Sun-ho for her number

Sep 03, 2019, 08:25 am

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Comedian Jang Dong-min is under fire for his remarks in a variety show.

On the September 1st episode of tvN’s variety show ‘Player’, Jang Dong-min and ‘High School Rapper’ star Ha Sun-ho made an appearance.

During the show, Jang Dong-min played a role as a judge parodying a hip hop survival show ‘Show Me the Money (SMTM)’.

After listening to Ha Sun-ho’s rap performance, Jang Dong-min asks her if she wanted a necklace which means that she passed the round. She says, “Yes, please give that” and then Jang says, “I also want your phone number.” The scene continues with her saying “I’m just 17 years old,” and ends with Jang eliminating her from the competition.

After the show, hundreds of posts were made on the official message board of the program demanding Jang leave the show.

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