BTS agency completes filing complaint against malicious commenters

Aug 26, 2019, 10:25 pm

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Big Hit Entertainment revealed that it completed taking their legal action against malicious posts regarding BTS. 

On August 26, Bit Hit made an announcement regarding the progress of their legal action against malicious posts about BTS.

“Here is the current status of our legal action against malicious posts regarding BTS,” the agency said. 

“In accordance with the internal procedures, we are regularly taking legal action against malicious slander, the spread of false rumors, personal attacks, and defamation regarding BTS. Currently, we are in the process of legalizing evidence from posts obtained during the first half of this year. We have completed filing a complaint to the Seoul Namdaemun Police Station against the netizens who continuously write malicious comments and posts on online communities, portal sites and social media that have gone beyond the level of what is socially acceptable,” the agency said. 

“We apologize for the late notice, as we had to secure the suspects’ identities and keep the investigation confidential. Our actions will remain the same unless these behaviors disappear,” the agency said.

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