ITZY’s Chaeryeong talks about her sister

Jul 30, 2019, 08:45 am

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ITZY’s Chaeryeong showed her support for her sister Chaeyeon.

On July 29, ITZY held a showcase for their first mini album “IT’z ICY” at Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

During the showcase, Chaeryeong said, “My older sister Chaeyeon is actively promoting as a member of IZ*ONE. It makes me happy to watch her promoting her promoting with IZ*ONE.”

“Rather than being rivals, we are senior-juniors of the industry and family who support one another. We can’t meet often, so we keep in contact to cheer each other on. I want to tell her to gain strength and have confidence.”

ITZY’s first mini album has been released on July 29 at 6 pm.

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