Rival parties agree to hold full parliamentary session on Friday

Jul 30, 2019, 08:18 am

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Democratic Party (DP) floor leader Lee In-young (center), Liberty Korea Party (LKP) floor leader Na Kyoung-won (left), and Bareunmirae Party (BP) floor leader Oh Shin-hwan announce a joint statement after holding a meeting at the National Assembly on July 29, 2019./ Source: Yonhap

By AsiaToday reporter Lim Yoo-jin

The ruling and opposition parties on Monday reached an agreement on the schedule of the July extraordinary session to focus on the security situation on the Korean Peninsula and to vote on an extra budget bill.

Ruling Democratic Party (DP) floor leader Rep. Lee In-young, main opposition Liberty Korea Party (DP) floor leader Rep. Na Kyoung-won, and minor opposition Bareunmirae Party (BP) floor leader Rep. Oh Shin-hwan met in the National Assembly, where they reached a deal to hold a plenary parliamentary session on Thursday. 

The parties agreed hold a full parliamentary session on Thursday to vote on an extra budget bill, parliamentary resolutions demanding Japan’s withdrawal of export curbs and resolutions condemning an air intrusion by China and Russia. 

Regarding Russian military jet’s intrusion into South Korea’s airspace and Japan’s reckless remark on Dokdo, the political parties decided to condemn Russia and Japan for infringement of territorial sovereignty. In addition, they decided to adopt a resolution expressing regret over Chinese planes entering the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ).

In order to focus on the grave security situation, the National Assembly Operating Committee, the National Defense Commission, the Foreign Affairs and Reunification Committee, and the Information Committee will hold discussions on the current security situation starting Tuesday. 

The floor leaders also decided to resume the examination of the extra budget bill that includes countermeasures in response to Japan’s economic retaliation.

“The suffering of the people is deepening due to economic hardship and Japan’s economic retaliation,” the floor leaders of the three parties revealed in a statement. Regarding the background of the normalization of the June provisional parliament, they said, “The security conditions of the Korean Peninsula, such as an entrance of Chinese and Russian fighter planes into South Korea’s air defense identification zone, an invasion by a Russian warplane into South Korea’s airspace, and North Korea’s latest missile test, are making the people nervous.” 

“The Democratic Party, the Liberty Korea Party and the Bareunmirae Party have recognized that it is the responsibility of the National Assembly to gather public opinion with coexisting politics and achieve the unity of the people amid serious internal and external troubles,” they said. 

“Although it’s late, it’s a good thing that we will handle the extra budget bill as soon as possible,” Rep. Lee said. “The national defense and security issues are important, but the economic security situation which has worsened with the latest export restriction move is very urgent. It’s fortunate that we will be able to prepare for our economy and security in the process of dealing with the extra budget bill,” he added. 

“We will complete the review of the extra budget bill this week,” Rep. Na said. “Above all, the security situation is very serious. The key is the Blue House. I will make sure to make a strong protest about the security situation caused by the Blue House through the operating committee,” she said. 

“We will thoroughly review the contents of the extra budget bill as much as possible during the remaining period,” Rep. Oh said. 

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