Kang Daniel holds showcase for “Color on Me”

Jul 26, 2019, 07:28 pm

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On July 25, Kang Daniel held a showcase for his solo debut album “Color on Me” at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. 

Kang Daniel’s debut album “Color on Me” is an album containing the singer’s desire to find his own color and build the future color. The album is consisted of 5 tracks, including title track “What Are You Up To”, “Color”, “Horizon” and “I HOPE”. It has logged 450,000 pre-ordered copies, which is an unprecedented figure for a male soloist.

During the showcase, the singer shared, “Performing alone on stage makes me feel that it’s so large and I’m aware of the vacancy of Wanna One members. It makes me think that Wanna One is really a great and perfect group. However, the advantage of performing alone is that I can show everyone stages which are filled by my own vocal, performances and style.”

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