Park Hyo-shin facing a lawsuit for fraud involving approx. 400 million won

Jun 28, 2019, 10:23 am

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Singer Park Hyo-shin is allegedly facing a lawsuit for fraud involving nearly 400 million won (US$ 346,000).

On June 28, SPOTV NEWS reported that an individual known as ‘A’, who was in talks with Park Hyo-shin for an exclusive contract, filed a police report Thursday against the singer. 

‘A’ claims that he provided Park Hyo-shin with a luxury vehicle costing 270 million won (US$233,000), another luxury vehicle costing 60 million won (US$52,000) for Park’s mother, a luxury watch costing 140 million won (US$121,000), as well as several million in cash after verbally promising ‘A’ to sign an exclusive contract in 2014. However, in August of 2016 when Park Hyo-shin’s contract with Jellyfish Entertainment came to an end, the singer did not sign a contract with ‘A’ as promised. Instead, he signed an exclusive contract with new management agency Glove Entertainment. When ‘A’ complained about it, the singer has cut off all contact with ‘A’ since then. 

In response, Glove Entertainment said, “We are currently checking on the situation.”

Meanwhile, Park Hyo-shin is scheduled to hold his solo concert at Olympic Park in Seoul starting on June 29.

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