Taeyeon reveals she is currently suffering from depression

Jun 17, 2019, 09:39 am

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Singer Taeyeon has revealed that she is currently suffering from depression.

On June 16, Taeyeon took to Instagram to communicate with her followers by answering questions through her Stories, where she revealed that she is suffering from depression.

When one of her followers asked her if she has a bipolar disorder, she responded, “No, I’m struggling with depression. I am diligently getting medical treatment and trying hard to become better. Whether it’s bipolar disorder or depression, please don’t give me a disgusted look as someone said previously. They are all patients who are sick.”

When one fan asked why she wasn’t making any posts on Insta, the singer answered, “I was a bit sick for a while. Please understand my reason for refraining.”

Her followers left messages of concern and support for her. Some include: “I’m also receiving treatment because of depression. Let’s fight this together. I’ll always support you”, “I will wait for you.” Taeyeon responded, “I started talking to you all because I felt I needed some cheering up. Thanks to you, I received a lot of good influences. Everything will be fine. I am sorry that I’ve caused you concern and I believe that even this is a process of getting to know one another. I’ll take care of you guys better and try my best. To my fans, to whom even after I give only the best of the best, it won’t ever be enough.”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon recently concluded her Japanese tour through Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

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