44% give Moon positive marks on economic policies, 53% negative

Apr 30, 2019, 09:14 am

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President Moon Jae-in/ Source: Yonhap

By AsiaToday reporter Nam Ra-da

President Moon Jae-in will celebrate his second anniversary in office on May 10. He is about to enter the third year of his single five-year term. There are many pending issues, including the establishment of peace of the Korean Peninsula and revitalization of the national economy as well as the settlement of the real estate market and political confrontations. 

In celebration of the second anniversary of Moon’s presidency, AsiaToday conducted a poll to figure out the public’s views on the Moon administration’s economic policies. According to the poll, more than half of South Koreans are positive about Moon’s economic policies while more than forty percent are not. 

The survey by R&Search on behalf of AsiaToday, conducted during April 27-28 among 1,007 adults nationwide, shows that 43.9 percent of respondents say they have a favorable opinion of Moon Jae-in’s economic policy performance. On the other hand, 52.9% say they have a negative view. 

The poll had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points and a 95 percent confidence level. 

Among respondents with positive ratings, 20.8 percent of them said Moon Jae-in is “doing very well (strong positive views)” in terms of his economic policy. On the other hand, 38.5 percent of respondents who gave negative ratings said the president is “doing very poorly (strong negative views).” ‘Strong negative’ was 17.7 percent higher than ‘strong positive.’

When asked about the Moon administration’s best economic policy, 31.2 percent of respondents said there is none. 19.8 percent picked ‘minimum wage hike’ as the best economic policy. It was followed by ‘real estate policy’ (15.1%), ’52-hour workweek system’ (9.9%), and ‘temporary power bill relief’ (7.2%). 

When asked about the worst economic policy, 25.7 percent of respondents chose ‘minimum wage hike’ as the worst one. The minimum wage hike, one of the key economic policies on the Moon Jae-in administration, is found to be the best and the worst policy. 14.7 percent of respondents said there is none. It was followed by ‘real estate policy’ (10.1%), ’52-hour workweek system’ (9.5%), and ‘price management’ (9.3%), ‘nuclear phase-out policy’ (8.6%), and ‘chaebol reform’ (6.1%). 

When asked about Moon Jae-in’s economic policy performance in the future, 46% was positive while 48.4% was negative. 

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