Jung Joon-young to halt all schedules and return to Korea for police investigations

Mar 12, 2019, 10:46 am

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Jung Jon-young has officially responded to the alleged involvement in distributing hidden camera footage of women to other celebrities.

On March 12, Jung’s label MAKEUS Entertainment stated, “We understand the severity of the ongoing reports involving singer Jung Joon-young, who is singer under our new label, Label M. We consider them fully regrettable. We are currently in contact with Jung Joon-young, who is in the midst of working overseas, but we are still facing difficulties in confirming the truth of the matter. We apolozie.”

“Jung Joon-young plans to halt all of his schedules abroad to immediately return to Korea, so that he may actively cooperate with police investigations as soon as he returns to the country. Once again, we apologize for causing worry through such unpleasant news.”

On March 11, SBS reported that Jung Joon-young took spy cam footage and shared them with his friends via group chats on mobile messenger apps since 2015. According to the news, at least 10 people have been confirmed as victims.

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