Lee Pil-mo openly proposes marriage to Seo Soo-yeon

Dec 26, 2018, 10:05 am

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Actor Lee Pil-mo proposed marriage to his girlfriend Seo Soo-yeon at his musical “The Days.”

On December 25, Lee Pil-mo proposed to Seo Soo-yeon during the curtain call of the musical “The Days”, which took place in Sohyang Theater, Busan.

In a video revealed online, Lee Pil-mo called his girlfriend on stage after saying, “There is a person I want to be with these days. I like her very much. Please come to the stage.”

The sound of “Wedding March” came from the speaker, and the audience applauded as Seo Soo-yeon went to the stage.

Holding her hands, Lee Pil-mo told the audience, “I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend Seo Soo-yeon.”

“I wanted to tell her how I’m thankful. I will be always with her. Thank you.” Then he put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger. 

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