Han Ji-min updates fans with latest photo

Oct 30, 2018, 09:34 am

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Actress Han Ji-min has updated her fans with her latest picture.

On October 27, BH Entertainment posted a picture of the actress and wrote, “Actress Han Ji-min has won the Best Actress Award at the London East Asia Film Festival! Congratulations. We are delivering some lively photos and her message from London to those who love film ‘Miss Baek’.”

The video shows Han Ji-min who received the Best Actress Award at the 4th London East Asia Film Festival, which took place on October 26.

“Thank you for giving me such an honorable award. I’m very happy to be here today with Miss Baek, and I’m so happy to win this special award. Miss Baek is a film about child abuse. None of the children should suffer such misfortunes, and I hope every child in the world deserves a happy life.”

In the picture, the actress is wearing a violet dress. She is showing off her flawless skin and beautiful features. 

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