BTS chosen as Time Magazine‘s “Next Generation Leaders”

Oct 12, 2018, 10:07 am

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BTS are now on the cover of the latest issue of Time magazine.

On October 11, Time magazine revealed the cover on its official website with a part of their interview. The K-pop boy group has been named as "Next Generation Leaders" by the magazine. 

During the interview, the BTS members said, "What makes our team unique is that we completely understand the value of a team. And that influences our activity."

"As a Korean, we love our country and we're proud of our country so much," RM said. "And it's even just an honor to be called an ambassador of Korean K-pop."

"Many in our parents' generation were born right after the Korean War," said Suga. "And so they grew up not being able to eat or dress well. But in our generation, we are spreading Korean culture as its representatives. Those from my parents' or my grandparents' generation, even more so than those from our generation, are very proud of us. And so for me, it's enjoyable to see my father proud of things like that."

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