Wonder Girls YeEun under investigation for her father‘s fraud case

Sep 11, 2018, 10:00 am

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Former Wonder Girls member YeEun has been investigated by the police for her father's fraud case.

On September 10, Sports Kyunghyang reported that YeEun and her father, who is a pastor, have been accused of fraud, citing officials from the K-pop industry.

It has been reported that YeEun's father used the fame of her daughter to scam the people of his church. He later was arrested for investment fraud of 20 billion KRW and is now serving his time after getting a sentence of 6 years in jail. 

YeEun's agency Amoeba Culture said, "It is true that YeEun has gone through a police investigation once. To prove she is innocent, she is doing everything she can to cooperate with the investigation."

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