“Hidden Singer 5” Bada takes a snap with her impersonators

Aug 13, 2018, 10:27 am

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Singer Bada shared her thoughts after appearing on the latest episode of "Hidden Singer Season 5".

On August 13, Bada posted a picture on her Instagram, and wrote, "I sincerely thank the Hidden Singer production team and participants who have prepared for this for the last five months. I am so pleased and happy to know that the songs I've sung were parts in your life. You may go through a hard time in your life, but let's believe that dreams come true. Let's be mad and happy. Fighting! #HiddenSinger #ThankYou #Bada."

In the picture, Bada is standing along with her impersonators. 

Meanwhile, "Hidden Singer Season 5" airs every Sunday at 10:30 pm.

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