Lee Joon‘s agency denies false reports of alleged suicide attempt

Feb 13, 2018, 10:11 am

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Lee Joon's agency has released an official statement denying all reports that the actor had attempted suicide in the army.

On February 12, a media outlet released a report alleging that the actor informed to the army that he had tried to commit suicide. According to the report, the actor was sent to the army's "Green Camp" program, a special educational program for soldiers in custody.

Following the report, Prain TCP released an official statement saying, "The reports that Lee Joon showed his wrist and said that he had tried to commit suicide, or that he is currently in the 'Green Camp' program, are completely false. We have confirmed that these reports are not true through Lee Joon's family."

They also said, "Lee Joon's family is very shocked by the reports, and we ask that media outlets refrain from covering any additional reports."

Meanwhile, Lee Joon enlisted in October 2017.

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