South Korean universities postpone college admissions

Nov 17, 2017, 08:24 am

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Park Chun-ran, vice minister of education, announces follow-up measures related to the delay of the college scholastic aptitude test (CSAT) in a press briefing Thursday at Sejong Government Complex./ Source: Yonhap

By AsiaToday reporter Nam Ra-da

Universities have adjusted their admission schedules as the college scholastic aptitude test (CSAT) has been pushed back by a week following the 5.4-magnitude quake in Pohang on Wednesday. The announcement of test results, which was originally set for December 6, will be also postponed to December 12.

The Ministry of Education announced the follow-up measures with the CSAT's delay in a briefing chaired by vice minister of Education Park Chun-ran at Sejong Government Complex on Thursday. at 2 p.m.. An hour later, Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) and Korean Council for University College Education (KCCE) also announced their postponed admission schedule with the CSAT's adjustment.

As the CSAT has been postponed for a week after the earthquake hit Pohang on Wednesday, the Education Ministry consulted with the KCUE and KCCE and decided to delay colleges' early and regular admissions by a week.

In particular, universities will postpone early admission procedures such as essay tests and interviews, which were initially scheduled to take place this weekend, for a week. Besides, schedules for objection and answer confirmation will be delayed for a week as well. The objection period will be from November 23 to 27, and the answers will be finally confirmed on December 4. The grading period will be cut to 18 days from 19 days, and students will be given report cards until December 12.

Regular admissions will be moved back by a week while additional admission schedule will be adjusted so that there will be no disruption to universities' admission and academic schedules, according to the Education Ministry.

Initially, 4-year universities had planned to complete their early admission process and announce those accepted by December 15. However, the schedule will be postponed to December 22. Those universities, who had initially planned to announce those accepted on Thursday, are likely to postpone their announcement. "It is fair to delay the whole schedule by one week because it would affect other universities if announced now," said Jung Myung-chaie, the admission support chief of the KCUE.

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