Wanna One unveils performance for “Beautiful”

Nov 14, 2017, 09:33 am

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Wanna has unveiled their performance for "Beautiful" for the first time on stage, garnering attention.

On the November 13th episode of Mnet's "Comeback Show", the members made their appearance to perform for "Beautiful."

Before revealing their stage, the Wanna One members had a meal together, showing off their friendship.

Kang Daniel, who joined the group later after his schedule, drew laughter as he had trouble roasting the meat.
Hwang Min-hyun said that Kang Daniel is one of the three people who are moving Korea." Lai Guan Lin yelled, "God Daniel!"

In response, Kang Daniel said, "I always try to become better next time. I feel anxious about myself."

Meanwhile, Wanna One is topping charts with "Beautiful."

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