Sunny shares her thoughts about Girls‘ Generation’s 10th anniversary on “Let‘s Eat Dinner Together”

Aug 31, 2017, 09:50 am

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Girls' Generation member Sunny shared her thoughts about the group's 10th anniversary.

On the August 30th episode of JTBC's "Let's Eat Dinner Together", Girls' Generation's Yuri and Sunny appeared as guests.

Kang Ho-dong asked them, "Girls' Generation will be forever, right?" Sunny answered, "Nobody knows."

She continued, "People now say that idols pass the crisis in their 7th anniversary. But in the past, there weren't any groups that lasted for more than 5 years. These days, I can feel the weight of words. I tend to be careful of what I say."

Meanwhile, JTBC's variety show "Let's Eat Dinner Together" airs every Wednesday at 10:50 pm.

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