Lee Si-young shares “wire” action from “Protector”

Jun 13, 2017, 09:30 am

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Actress Lee Si-young revealed a set of her wire action.

On June 12, Lee Si-young posted three videos on her Instagram, and wrote, "3 sets of wire action. Climbing the walls, breaking the pot, and walking around a clothesline."

The video shows the actress taking dangerous scenes for her drama "Protector," by climbing the walls, breaking the flower pot, and walking around a clothesline.

She added, "I thought fire broke out in my hands. I was scared, too. I thought fire broke out in my armpits. You will watch MBC's "Protector" tonight, right?"

Lee Si-young is playing the role of detective Jo Soo-ji in MBC's "Protector".

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