“Part-time Spy” Han Chae-ah and Kang Ye-won look chic in suits

Mar 13, 2017, 10:03 am

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Actress Han Chae-ah and Kang Ye-won revealed their photoshoot.

Recently, the two actresses, who starred in film 'Part-time Spy' together, posed for movie weekly "Magazine M."

"Part-time Spy" is a spy comedy film that depicts the story of two women who become part-time spies to crack down on voice-phishing.

In the pictorial, Kang Ye-won showed off her natural beauty unlike her movie character Jang Young-sil, who wears bomb-like hairstyle, while Han Chae-ah flaunted her feminine charms unlike her boyish character Jung-ahn.

Meanwhile, "Part-time Spy" premieres on March 16.

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