Ivy and Go Eun-sung embroiled in breakup rumors

Feb 13, 2017, 06:37 pm

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Singer and musical actress Ivy and musical actor Go Eun-sung have been embroiled in breakup rumors.

On February 13, Ivy's agency Polaris Entertainment told AsiaToday that they are checking on Ivy and Go Eun-sung's breakup rumors after hearing the news.

An official from the agency said, "We are perplexed with the news since breakup rumors not dating rumors came out first. We will make our position clear after checking on the issue with Ivy."

Earlier this morning, a media outlet reported that Ivy and Go Eun-sung became lovers last year but recently ended their relationship recently. According to the report, the two met each other through musical Wicked an decide to end their relationship due to their busy schedules.

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