Moon Hee-joon‘s proposal makes Soyul burst into tears

Feb 12, 2017, 06:48 pm

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Crayon Pop's Soyul revealed that she burst into tears as she was touched by Moon Hee-joon's proposal.

On February 12, Moon Hee-joon and Soyul had a press conference about their wedding at Shilla Hotel, Seoul.

Soyul said, "I thought oppa wasn't going to propose because of his busy schedules. Then he suddenly asked me to get a cruise ride together."

She continued, "There was a cute yacht. And he proposed to me with his heartfelt words in the yacht. So I burst into tears. I was touched by his sincere heart and my tears rushed to my eyes."

Moon Hee-joon said, "I really wanted to propose before the wedding. I didn't have time, and it wasn't easy to prepare it in secret. I searched on the internet, and I found that yacht proposal was the best. So I rented a yacht and prepared a letter and pictures. She cried watching the video."

Meanwhile, Moon Hee-joon and Soyul got married on February 12 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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